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Hospital Care & Surgery

The talented and professional staff of Winn's Perioperative Nursing Services section is dedicated to providing you with the BEST surgical experience possible.  To that end, a multidisciplinary team of nurses and technologists work closely with your surgeon to ensure that no details is overlooked.

Your surgical journey will begin with a visit to a Winn surgical specialty clinic for evaluation and scheduling.  Once this is complete, our talented ambulatory procedure staff will arrange for your preparatory visit to complete paperwork, laboratory studies, and personalized discussion with an anesthesia provider.  It is VERY important that you understand all the aspects of your preparation and to ask questions if you do not.

On the day of surgery, you will report to the Same Day Surgery unit at the prescribed time.  Your paperwork will be reviewed, additional laboratory studies performed (if necessary) and your personal belongings will be secured.  At the appropriate time, a staff member will escort you to the final pre-operative processing area within the Operating Room (OR) where you will chat with your surgeon, anesthesia provider, and the RN responsible for your surgery support.

After your surgery, you will be taken to our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) where our professional RNs/LPNs will see to your initial needs.  Once it is determined that you are ready to return to the Same Day Surgery Unit (or one of our inpatient units, if applicable) we will transport you and your family members may join you at this time.

For our patients that will go home on the day of surgery, our Same Day Surgery professionals will see that you obtain your medications and coordinate follow-up appointments as ordered.  When you leave that day, you should have no questions, but if you do, please ask!

Family members are welcome to come with you to your initial preparation appointment and are welcome to accompany you to your Same Day Surgery appointment, but we regret that they can't accompany you to the OR.  For our younger patients, we do allow a parent to accompany the child into the pre-operative area (no further) and we will allow one or both parents to join the child in the PACU after surgery.

One of us will contact you on the day after your surgery to see if everything is going well.

We think that you will find your Winn surgical experience exemplary, but if not, please let us know how we can improve.  We are here to serve YOU!

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