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Exceptional Family Member Program

The Exceptional Family Member Program, is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other Military and civilian agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, housing, community support, and personal services to Family Members with special needs. The Exceptional Family Member Program is governed by Army Regulation, AR 608-75.  It is designed to assist active duty personnel with Exceptional Family Members (EFMs) who have special physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual needs during assignments/reassignments .  Enrollment is based upon the individual medical and educational requirements of DEERS enrolled Family members of active duty Military personnel. 


Active Army Soldiers with exceptional Family members (Children and adults) are required to enroll in the EFMP.

Contact a Representative

To find an EFMP representative, visit the Military Installations website.

Individualized Family Services Plan

The family and the service coordinator work with other professionals, as appropriate, to develop an IFSP. The IFSP is a whole family plan with the parents as the most important part of the IFSP team. Involvement of other team members will depend on the needs of the child and family. These other team members could come from several agencies and may include medical providers, therapists, child development specialists, social workers and others. The IFSP will describe the following:

  • The child’s developmental levels.
  • Family information, with parents’ concurrences, such as important religious or cultural practices, consideration of the needs of other siblings, who the extended caregivers are, etc.
  • The major outcome(s) expected to be achieved for the child and family.
  • The services the child will be receiving and when or where he or she will receive these services.
  • The steps to be taken to support his or her transition to another program.

Older children, age 3 and older, who require ongoing special education services will have an IEP developed by the school.

Individualized Education Program

Every child in special education must have an IEP. An IEP is a written planning document for the special education student that is developed at a meeting held by the school at least once a year. It is the link between a child with disabilities and the type of special services he or she requires in order to benefit from a free, appropriate public education. Children who are home-schooled are equally entitled to special services where special needs are identified.

In developing an IEP, the school system and the parents should explore together the needs of the child, ways those needs can be met, and which educational needs have the highest priority. An appropriate education is individually designed for each child with disabilities by providing services required to meet those needs.


1. Obtain DD Form 2792 at EFMP office or download at, to be completed by you and your medical provider. (Must be version Jan 2021, previous versions are not accepted)
2. If your child has an IEP or IFSP, we will need the current copy and you also need to obtain a DD Form 2792-1 at EFMP office or download at, to be completed by a parent and the school/Board of Education.
3. Updating EFMP Status (for those currently enrolled): Request an “EFMP Summary Report” in person or via email. All previous diagnoses on the EFMP Summary Report must be addressed on DD Form 2792, so make sure to give your primary care manager or medical provider a copy of this EFMP Summary Report when they are completing your DD Form 2792.
4. Removing Family Member from EFMP? Please call or come by our office for guidance on your specific situation.


___ page 2 –print, sign and date the bottom, before the doctor completes their portion
___ page 3 –fill out the top and demographics sections. Parent or Patient over 18 must complete section 9 after the medical provider has completed their portion of the packet. In signing this section you are agreeing with everything the provider has put in this packet and are aware that edits cannot be made after submission.
___ Pages 4-8- fill out the tops of all forms
Pages 4-8 are for the medical providers to fill out. (Thorough instructions for the providers are included on page 1 of this packet)
o Provider may submit additional copies of some pages of the packet, if needed for additional diagnoses.
o Packet cannot be submitted if all previous diagnosis on the EFMP Summary Report have not been addressed, if incomplete or if there are pending referrals, labs, therapies, surgeries, etc.
o Please sign all pages 4-8. Check the box if N/A or write N/A if non applicable.
Submit your packet via fax, email, or in person. Please confirm receipt of your faxed or emailed packet. Packets with errors will be returned to you for correction before submission to our regional office. Allow approximately 20-30 business days for processing once corrected packet has been submitted to the EFMP office.

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