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Freedom of Information and Privacy Requests

Privacy Act Requests

The Privacy Act of 1974 establishes safeguards for the protection of records that the Federal government collects and maintains on United States citizens. It also allows a person to seek access to records retrievable by his/her own name or other personal identifier, as long as the records do not contain material that is covered by an exemption in the statute.

The Defense Health Agency (DHA) has five categories of requesters who may submit requests for beneficiary records under the Privacy Act. 
  • TRICARE beneficiary
  • Established court, via court order
  • Attorney or law office
  • Legal services firm
  • Law enforcement, pursuant to an investigation 
Each request for records maintained by DHA must include the following:
  • DoD ID of the Requestor
  • Birthdate of the Requestor
  • Inclusive dates for the records requested
If the requested records contain Sensitive Diagnosis Codes (SDC), the request must include a separate form completed by the beneficiary authorizing which individual category of SDC information can be released. If requesting all categories, each SDC must be individually stated. In general, SDC categories include:  mental health; drug and/or alcohol abuse; HIV/AIDS; and sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
If the requested records are for a minor and you are not the legal guardian, the request must also include verification from the minor’s legal guardian/custodial parent that the records can be released; or verification that you have the authority to act on behalf of the minor.
If you are an attorney or legal services firm, the request must also include a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant authorization form (known as DD2870) completed and signed by the beneficiary.

Requests from a TRICARE beneficiary should be mailed to:

Low Country Market Privacy Officer
Attn: Privacy Office
1061 Harmon Avenue, Bldg 302
Fort Stewart, GA 31314 

Requests from a court representative, law enforcement official, attorney, or legal services firm, should be mailed to:

Low Country Market Privacy Officer
Attn: Privacy Office
1061 Harmon Avenue, Bldg 302
 Fort Stewart, GA 31314

Freedom of Information Act

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Federal agencies and components are required to make records available to the public unless one of nine (9) specific exemptions authorizes their withholding.

Before filing a FOIA request with DHA, please visit the DHA Electronic FOIA Library to ensure we have not already proactively released the records you are requesting.

How to Submit a FOIA Request:

DHA’s preferred method of receiving FOIA requests is through the National FOIA portal at, which provides customized forms for each agency. The site will also provide insight into the FOIA process including what to do before submitting a FOIA request, how to submit a request, and what happens after submitting a request.
All proper FOIA requests must be submitted in writing and Include a full name and contact method (i.e. Email address, phone number, and/or mailing address), 3) Reasonably describe the records sought, and must state a willingness to pay fees.

Submitting FOIA Requests to Low Country market:

  • Electronically (Preferred): National FOIA Portal Submission
  • Fax: (912) 435-7052/6078
  • Mail: Low Country Market FOIA Service Center, 1061 Harmon Avenue, Bldg 302, Fort Stewart, GA 3114

How to file a FOIA Appeal

If you disagree with the final determination of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, you have the right to an administrative appeal of the final decision.  Your appeal must: 1) be in writing; 2) be postmarked within 90 calendar days of the date on the final response letter; 3) cite the initial DHA case number; and 4) be clearly marked "Freedom of Information Act Appeal" on envelope exterior.
To submit electronically, send an email to:  To submit via postal delivery, send your written appeal to:

Defense Health Agency
ATTN: FOIA Appellate Authority
7700 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 5101
Falls Church, VA  22042-5101
Phone: 1-703-681-6012

Contact Us

 Low Country Market FOIA Office
1061 Harmon Ave; Bldg 302
Fort Stewart, GA 31314

Telephone Number:
912) 435-6507
Fax:  (912) 435-7052/6078

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