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Winn Army Community Hospital’s Virtual Visit program

The goal of the Winn ACH Virtual Visit Program is to make your healthcare more convenient by delivering care to your home. The clinic will make a case-by-case determination if your condition is appropriate for a virtual health appointment. 
  • Virtual health appointments can be accessed from a personal computer or cell-phone device with internet connect and audio-video capabilities.
  • Audio (microphone) and video (web-camera) must be enabled during the appointment.
  • Normal cellular data rates and usage may apply if you are using a cellular data network.
  • It is highly recommended to use available Wi-Fi or land line networks.
  • Data Charges: If you are not on a home network or other WI-FI, it is possible to incur data charges. These are the responsibility of the beneficiary alone.
  • Light and noise conditions in the home must be favorable to conduct a virtual appointment. The room should be well lit and free from loud noises that may interrupt the appointment.

At the Time of Registration: 

The clinic must have a good email address and phone number on file to contact you with information regarding your appointment. You will also be asked to provide your pharmacy preference at this time. If you prefer a civilian pharmacy, you will provide this information at this time. Please note: it is the responsibility of the patient or patient representative to ensure that the pharmacy will accept Tricare Prime insurance. 

How to make an appointment: 

When your child requires an appointment you will contact the Winn Call Center at (912) 435-6633. If it is a life threatening situation, please call 911. If it is not an emergency, you will be asked to speak with the nurse of either Patriot or Freedom Team at Richmond Hill Medical Home. The call center will send a portal message to the appropriate nurse to contact you to set this up. The nurse will ask questions to ensure that the condition of the child is appropriate for a virtual visit. The nurse will then provide you with an appointment date and time. 

Prior to your Virtual Appointment: 

You will receive an email via MHS GENESIS Patient Portal (MHSG PP) with a virtual visit link and meeting number to access your Virtual Visit appointment. The email may be forwarded to your Spam folder (very common with accounts) depending on the settings of your email account. Do not delete the email; it contains the access link to your virtual appointment. Please scroll to the end of the e-vite to view you appointment date and time. If your appointment is booked prior to the day of appointment, please ensure you have received e-vite within 12 hours of your appointment. If you have not received the e-vite, please e-mail your Provider Team via MHSG PP secured messaging or call the clinic at (912) 435-7118/7119 to inform them and they will reply via patient provided e-mail address with the link to your virtual appointment.

20-Minutes Prior to your Virtual Appointment: 

Use the virtual visit link and meeting number provided via email to access your virtual visit appointment. Please ensure you enter the room 20-minutes prior to your appointment to resolve any connectivity or technical issues that may arise. If your provider is not in the virtual room, please continue to wait until they connect. 
At the Time of Your Appointment: 
The team will perform an initial screening to validate patients name, date of birth, current location, good contact number, name of adult present (parent, legal guardian, or individual with medical power of attorney), medications, and medical history, and update your records with any information that has changed since your last appointment. The team will also ask to verify your address and a good contact number in the event of an emergency situation. Once the screening is complete, your virtual appointment will begin.  At the completion of the appointment, your provider team will coordinate the ordering and/or pick-up of any prescriptions or referrals, if required. Your Provider Team will send the medication list, plan of care, discharge summary, and post visit survey via secured messaging. The virtual visit appointment may be ended at any time if you or the Provider become uncomfortable or feel the environment is not conducive for a professional encounter. 

Following Your Appointment: 

Your feedback is important to us! You may receive a Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES) that you would receive in the physical mail. We encourage you to complete the JOES and allow us the opportunity to better serve you with safe, high reliable quality care.   
In addition, you will receive an email via MHSG PP from your Provider Team with your virtual health Visit Summary, updated Medication List and Plan of care (Checkout list). 
Any medications that are ordered by the telehealth provider can be sent to the military treatment facility or to your local civilian pharmacy. By choosing a civilian pharmacy, it is possible that you may be charged a co-pay for medications. Any co-pay is the sole responsibility of the beneficiary. By having your medications sent to the military treatment facility, you can eliminate this co-pay. 

If you experience technical issues, please contact the Global Med Technical Support Line for troubleshooting assistance at (480) 922-0044, Option #2

For Emergencies: Call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. 




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